Saturday, 28 September 2013

My latest project - to make professional photographs

As talked about before, I want to spend some more time on getting better photographs of my items. I ordered a photo studio with continuous daylight lamps (whatever that means - I still have to read up on this!), two light tents (one is 80 x 80 and the other is 40 x 40) and camera tripod.

Of course I could not wait to try it out and opened the box the moment I got it. It came in a travel carry bag which will come in very handy. I could not imagine that an 80 x 80 tent could fit in such a small packet and of course when I opened it, it suddenly snapped open and flew out of my hands!

Here is the result of some quick snaps.

I still have to find out how to get the creases out of the backdrops which come in four different colors. Can I iron it? Did anybody try this?

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