Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lady in red 2

The bag is coming on nicely. I have managed to put on the smartphone outside pocket but unfortunately I cannot try out if the size is okay. I have to find someone with a smartphone as I am still using a very simple Nokia (which is a lot smaller than any smartphone) and even that I forget most of the time. I either leave it in my bag and don't hear it when I'm at home because the bag is in another room and when I take it out I may hear it when I am at home but forget to put it back in my bag when I leave the house! I have never really taken to using the phone and only take it with me for emergency purposes. I prefer emails. However, I have found out that the pocket is great for putting my glasses case in!
I am still trying to figure out the outside pocket for a 500 ml water bottle. My next challenge!

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