Monday, 27 January 2014

My nearly finished bag trio with a tulip flap

I have completely finished two of the bags but I'm not sure if I can finished the third one. I have found some more interfacing which may or may not be just sufficient for the lining and strap. However, I am quite pleased with the result. 
As there is not much sewing to be done at the moment I have used my time to get all the descriptions ready for selling on ETSY. It's amazing how much time that takes. Also, I still have to make all the pictures because the ones I have made up to now are just not good enough for the shop.
The colors on the picture below are not really true to life. The one on the left, the unfinished one, is not too bad but the yellow or mustard color is just a bit darker. The one in the center is sage green and the one on the right is a darker brown than on this picture. So, I have to work on this when we are back in Scotland and see what I can come up with.
The bags themselves, although the shapes are all the same, differ, in that I have used faux suede for the brown bag and have only made the flap in an upholstery fabric, whereas the sage green one has the flap, strap and sides made of a very beautiful wool/silk mixed fabric and the yellow one has the flap and strap (still to be done) made of upholstery fabric. I just love the look of all of them!

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