Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Quattro bag from Studio Kat Design

We went to the Border Scrap Store on Thursday and came out with a huge bin liner full of new fabrics. I know I should be concentrating on getting my ETSY shop stocked up again but with all these new fabrics and a new bag pattern I could not help myself and had to start on the Quattro bag from Studio Kat Design.

My Quattro bag will be all girly in shades of pink and floral prints, polka dots and stripes!

On the Studio Kat Design website I found the tip of drawing the pattern on freezer paper. This is useful in two ways: you keep the original pattern intact and cannot lose any parts (the patterns only come as hard copies not as PDF files, so it would be easy to lose a part) and it is also brilliant to cut the fabric. You just iron the pattern parts onto the fabric and cut them out. No pins, no pattern weights, nothing! As the freezer paper will stick every time you iron it on you can use it again and again. Brilliant!

I must say, I have spend quite a lot of time getting my head around this Quattro pattern, and I am still not there, but I suppose it will get easier after the first bag!

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