Friday, 28 March 2014

On the way back to France

At the moment we are in Holland for a few days before driving back to France on Sunday.

We were very lucky with the ferry. Up to the moment of boarding I was not sure whether we really would be travelling to Holland that night or not because of the rabies injection. We have never been stopped entering any European country (except the UK of course) and been asked for the dogs passports and we are forever crossing borders between Holland, Switzerland, France and Germany. So I thought we just risk it. And it worked. Tuppy's microchip was not even scanned! This 'not-scanning' happened to us first last year when we went back from the UK to Holland with Aischa and Kr├╝mmel. It is difficult to imagine they both are no longer with us.

Tuppy is a quick learner. She had to stay in the car on the ferry and she was no problem at all except for the fact that she peed in the car but we had more or less counted on that. At my sister's place she had to get used to different surroundings again as well as sharing the space with another dog. Fortunately, Katootje is, and always has been, very good with all of our dogs and accepted Tuppy without any problems.

The weather at the moment is beautiful and we are sitting outside in the sunshine. Alan brought Tuppy's bed outside so that she can lay in there. However, she had no chance, as as soon as Alan put the bed down, Katootje jumped into it and Tuppy is still walking about and finding out how far she can go without being called back!

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