Friday, 14 March 2014

Start of the summer collection

After some traumatic weeks with having to put Aischa to sleep and finding a new dog, not a puppy but a young small bitch Yorkshire terrier, I have now been able to settle down and have started stocking my ETSY shop for the new season. There are all the bags I made while in Ireland as well as the two sort of shabby chic bags I made in Scotland.

I am really over the moon with this Quattro pattern I bought from, although I rather like my bags to have a bit more substance. For the first bag which I made from this pattern, the one with the rose patterned cotton, I followed the instructions exactly. For the second bag I used quilters wadding which I use in most of my bags. For the third one, I will now know exactly where I went wrong with the second, so it seems like a real learning process but I love the result.

My next project will be a custom order again, and after that, I want to find some time to start making one of the 'Bag of the month club' patterns for which I have not found the time yet but before I do that I want to make the third Quatro bag for which I have just the right fabric.

Here are also some pictures of the latest member  of our family, Tuppy, our new Yorkshire Terrier bitch and she is only two years old. She used to belong to an 85 year old lady who had to go to hospital. It seems she was a proper lapdog but she has now found out what her legs are really for and she loves long walks over the fields. she is a real little hunter and when she is outside she hardly lifts her head of the ground! After having been with us now for just over a week, she still feels a bit insecure and will not leave my side, but she is learning quickly

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