Saturday, 5 April 2014

Prototype Marit II

I am ever so pleased with myself: I managed the sew the front pocket! I always wondered how this was done, but it is really quite simple as long as you know that you have to sew the back of the pocket with the right side on the bag panel where you want it before you make the whole pocket. Of course I followed the instructions from a bag pattern that I bought a while ago from (the Lombard Street bag, which I still have to make, but at least I now know how to make that particular pocket). Thanks Chris, very easy to follow instructions!

The pocket on the bottom part of the front panel-

The whole front panel with pocket.

Front and back panels. I made a large slip pocket on the back panel.

Now I will have to start with the gusset and the top zipper closure. This is the first time I am making some sort of messenger bag and I have not tried this sort of closure before but I am quite confident that I can handle this.

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