Saturday, 12 July 2014


Margalie is now a young lady. She lived next door, I saw her growing up and it is hard to understand where the time went. It does not seem so long ago that we moved here!

Anyway, she came about 10 days ago with her two sisters. The older sister, Fanny, whom I did not even recognise and her younger sister Melanie who is only 6 years old and not yet into bags. They loved seeing what I do and had a good look at all the fabrics. I am still waiting for Fanny to come with the fabric she wants to use for a bag but Margalie decided then and there that she wanted a little round black bag. I showed her a picture and she decided that was what she wanted.

I have been wanting to make a round bag for quite a while but because I was still a bit apprehensive of putting a flat 2D circle to a 3D tube I had pushed this idea to the side for a later date. I found, however, that if the measurements are correct, it is not more difficult than any other piece of sewing. The only part that caused any problems was attaching the part of the zipper to the rest of the gusset because of the thickness of the material, which included the zipper as well as the bits that hold the strap. But I have learned now how to do it and this will no longer cause a problem with my next round bag.

The flower is fastened with velcro so it can be exchanged for another flower.

Inside there are two slip pockets.

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