Sunday, 15 February 2015

Another Gladstone bag

I have finished the outside of my latest Gladstone bag but will be waiting to do the inside until I get some more information on how many pockets, etc.

The closure of this bag is 14" or 35 cm and large enough to put my laptop in so the bag would be ideal for taking to work every day or on a business trip as it could contain all necessities.

Front with deep pocket under the closure strap for mobile or glasses.

Back with large zippered pocket. The zip is put in vertical for easy access while the bag is still on the shoulder.

Inside with laptop

Front pocket with closure button

Two Gladstone bags. The one on the left has a 12" or 30 cm closure and is not large enough for my laptop. They look the same size because the bag on the left has bulging sides and the one on the right has straight sides.

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