Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fait Main, Morimont, France

We had a great weekend at Fait Main at Morimont  in Oberlarg. It was very hot on the Saturday and there were not many visitors. The weather on Sunday was better - lower temperatures but still a beautiful day. All in all there were not very many visitors on either day, which was a real shame. Apparently there were all sorts of other venues in the area, like flea markets, etc., which may have been the reason but we still enjoyed being there. I sold quite a number of bags but some of the other exhibitors hardly sold anything.  All stall holders were amateur crafts people and it was interesting talking to them.

The old barn, where the fair was held, is a great old building and I know that the floor below has beautiful vaulted spaces, where cattle used to be housed in times gone by. The surrounding area is great for hiking, with beautiful rolling hills. It is amazing that this part of the Alsace is not overrun by tourists, which is probably a good thing as it has still kept an authentic flair. The villages are still woking farming villages. I love this area!

Just in case anybody is interested, Le Morimont also has a Facebook Page:

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