Thursday, 27 August 2015

Scottish? Scotland soon!

As we will break up our tents in France soon to spend some time in Scotland, I felt I had to make a bag reminding me of that part of our life and came up with a black and white tartan woollen fabric, combined with red faux suede. I still wanted to stick to the fold-over bag pattern, but one that can be carried as a rucksack as well.

I am not sure if this will be as popular in Scotland as it is in France/Switzerland but I thought I might give it a try at the Presents Galore, Kelso, on October 5 and 6. The bag will be for sale in my ETSY Shop for € 59.95.

As with the other fold-over bags, it has a large front zippered pocket and two slip pockets at the back. It can be carried as a normal shoulder bag but the straps can be adjusted to it nicely on your shoulders by using the strap adjusters. This bag will be especially useful for those of you who go to work on a bike or for a while and still wanting to look glamorous.

I have deliberately not put any internal pockets in the body of the bag because I think that sometimes they are more a hindrance than an asset if you want to put larger items inside. You can put all your valuable items in the zippered pocket at the front and the slip pockets at the back are large enough for  mobile and (sun)glasses case. However, as I am always looking for the keys in my bag, I have added a clip for a keyring. The main body of the bag is also large enough to hold your laptop

Te bag is difficult for pick-pockets to get their hands in because of the zippered pocket and the fold-over part which covers this pocket and the whole is kept down by the straps!

And there it is. The bag looks larger on the dummy. The actual size is: wide 33 cm, high when open 45 cm, high when folded close 33 cm, deep 6 cm):

Front of the bag, folded open, with zippered pocket.

Four metal feet

Light coloured lining which makes it easier to see what is inside the bag.

Carried as a shoulder bag

Carried as a rucksack. It is easy to see that nobody can get its hand into this bag when carried on the back!

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