Saturday, 13 July 2013

Five bags waiting to be picked up

I have now finished five bags: 3 for Jenny and 2 for Susan. The blue one for Jenny was already ordered and finished before my 'Open House', so in fact it should not be counted with the 'five ordered bags'. Included in these 'five ordered bags' should still be the one for Paula. She had chosen the fabric during my 'Open House' but wanted the reverse side of the fabric as the outside fabric for her bag. I wanted to start cutting the fabric for this bag today but than realized that I could not use the side she wanted because the fabric would pull threats. So, I am now waiting for her reply to my email what she wants.

Here the five that have been made. I am only showing one picture of the maroon bags even though they are not quite the same, one is smaller than the other and the strap is fastened in a different way - the one shown here is the smaller one. I still want to stick to OOAK (One Of A Kind) bags and jewellery.

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