Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to make a decision.

I have finished the bag with the vintage handle. This was the first bag I made on a frame without a pattern. It took a while working this one out but after research on the internet and looking at other bags with frames I managed it and it looks great. The problem with searching for frame handbags is, that most frames are the kind where you glue and push the fabric into the frame or sew it on. This one is completely different because there are bars at the back and front of the bag and you have to make a tunnel in the fabric through which you feed the bars and the folding mechanism stay outside the bag but is not attached to it.

The fabric used for this bag is the same as the fabric I used for one of the 'mother of the groom' bags and I have made up my mind to put all these bags in my shop and use the one that is not sold. I will do the same with the jewelry that goes with this turquoise/aqua color and see what happens. Of course if everything sells I will have to rethink of what to use for the wedding. However, in case I do not sell anything I will still have to make a decision!?

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