Monday, 2 September 2013

Our Mad Summer Social Season

So, our Mad Summer Social Season ended last week with the wedding of our youngest son and we are now preparing for autumn and winter, when, for a while, life will take on a much slower pace.

Our Mad Summer Social Season starts at the end of April, when everybody seems to flock back to the Basel area or stays there all year round. During the summer time there seems to be a continuous round of dinner parties, late lunches, brunches, going out for meals (great to be retired!) and ends in Zermatt, where we have a fantastic weekend visiting places, walks, cable car rides, barbecues and last but not least, endless discussions and laughter. This is organized by our good friend Pauline Imboden of Zermatt Holidays: and we have been enjoying this for the past 4 or 5 years.

This time, however, there was even something more special in Zermatt: Alphorns! There were 506 alphorn blowers on the Gornergrat: A huge amount of players and the organizers will apply for an entry into the Guinness Book of Records.

It was a terrific experience to hear this and we really enjoyed it even though it was very cold in the shade on over 3000 meters above sea level!

The next morning, when walking the dog, I thought I was hearing things! I heard alphorns again! Later, walking through Zermatt, we saw small groups of alphorn blowers at various street corners. A very special experience!

Try this link if you want to hear it:

The next day we only took the train up halfway, for a short walk and a BBQ and enjoyed the sunshine.

This year our season was one week longer because our youngest son married last Friday and our eldest son came over from Australia and stayed with us for a week.

Now all we have to do is clean the house and prepare it for the winter season and our quiet time.

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