Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The right choice?

I have found the lining I want to use for my latest project. I have used it before and it is a beautiful fabric and easy to work with. Also, should you get dirt marks on it later, they are easily removed with a spot removal spray.

Since I have made my pressing ham it is ever so easy to iron the seams flat. I never knew something like this existed. But it makes sense and I'm surprised I never thought of it before!

I think I am very lucky to have been able to retire after the internet was invented. I don't know where I could have picked up all the information I have now at my fingertips! I suppose I would have spent all my time at a library or book shop or going to courses to pick all this up. But, by doing so, I would not have had the time to make any bags and jewelry! On top of that, it would have been difficult to find the right outlet to sell my products and I would not have had the contacts with think alike people I now have.

My 'pressing ham'

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