Friday, 10 January 2014

The complete Geo Trio

I finished the last bag of this Geo Trio today. It was the first bag I started but I decided to make all the outside bags first and only than do the linings. I quite like this trio and they will look good in my ETSY shop as soon as I open it again toward the end of February.

I have already an idea for the next trio which will be the 'Asemmetric Flap Trio'.

My laptop keeps crashing when I open the internet and I therefore have to use my iPad for everything at the moment and it is not as easy to use as a normal laptop for certain things. Also not opening my shop again until the end of February will give me time to take all the right pictures which I want to be as good as possible. The pictures for this blog at the moment are taken with my iPad, except for the pictures I took yesterday of the beach (see my page 'Ireland'). They were taken with my normal camera but I was not sure if I could use them for the blog. However, it worked well.

Anyway, here is the Geo Trio:

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