Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Back in Scotland

We left Kerry on Saturday and spend the night in a lovely B&B in Dundalk. We decided not to take the ferry from Dublin to Liverpool because of the gale storms that were announced and as this is an overnight ferry crossing, Aischa would have had to spend quite a long time on her own in the car. So we decided to take the ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan as this only takes about 2.5 hours. It was a very pleasant crossing. Only when you stood up you noticed you were on a boat. However, there was a small boy sitting at a table next to us, who really suffered and later declared that he would never go on a ship again!
I think we were very lucky to leave when we did. There seems to be no end to the gale storms.

In the few days we have been here, I have started taking pictures of my bags and I have opened my ETSY shop again. Not much in it yet but I will be filling it day by day and before I put an item in the shop I will have a careful look at all the pictures and descriptions.

Have a look at the shop:

The pink bag has been sold in the meantime but the other two are still available!

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