Monday, 17 March 2014

Dog fashion

Yesterday I was still waiting for some answers to the commissioned bag and I did not want to start a new bag until I finished that one.

So, I decided that instead of a bag I will use up some scrap bits of fabric to make a harness for Tuppy because I never really found a good, easy to use one for a small dog. She came with a bling collar, pink with glistering stones, which I did not like (I do not like collars at all and generally prefer harnesses).

It did not take long to make it because I used Aischa's harness as a pattern. She is such a sweet little thing and stood really still when I tried the harness on.

After I made the harness I decided to make a little raincoat as well, following the same pattern but just making it longer over the back. I bought this yellow waterproof fabric a while ago and had not used it yet. It covers her back nicely and also her belly. Because she is so small, she always get very wet walking through wet grass so this protects her from two sides. Also, on a dark rainy day she will be highly visible!

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