Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Back in the Alsace and sorting out fabrics

We came back to the Alsace on Monday afternoon. The weather was brilliant and still is so I have been able to do all my washing and everything is dry again. Yesterday we had to pick up my car so today I could stock up again on fresh food and everything else we needed.

I have also started sorting out all the fabrics I brought back from Scotland and obviously I also bought some more when we were in Holland:

I have to buy two more boxes but I have sorted all the fabrics now. This way they are much easier to find.

Tuppy is sitting in the sunshine and is getting used to this place now. Poor little thing. Within four weeks she was taken from her familiar house, had to get used to our place in Scotland, had to stay 15 hours in the car on the ferry, then had to get used to my sister's house and another dog, had to stay a night in a hotel and now has to get used to our house here. But she is learning quickly.

I nearly finished the commission bag in Scotland. The only thing I have to change are the tabs on the zipper ends because the way I have them now I cannot attach the popper snaps. After that it will be finished and I can start at the next project.

And have a look at this picture that Undine took of the bag I made:

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