Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sewing for my 'Open House'

Except for bags, I also wanted to be able to sell some small things at my 'Open House'. I have the normal size bag organisers, but I did not make these myself. However, I will also put these down and I have ordered some foldable handbag hooks. These are small hooks that you can hook on a table and hang your bag from. These are especially handy when you are in a restaurant as we all know how dangerous it is to hang your bag from the back of your chair and how dirty it gets when you put it on the floor.

To get some small items I have sewn some small bag organisers for which I found this tutorial small bag organiser. Inside there are 6 ziploc sandwich bags. In these little bags you can put all the small bits and pieces that normally get lost in your bag even if you do use a normal size bag organiser. Things like plasters, toothpicks, cotton swabs, tablets, tampons, and lots of other small things. These small bag organisers will also be handy for a weekend away and may also contain some sewing threat and needles, special plasters to cover blisters for a weekend hiking or you can use them for shop vouchers, shop cards, etc. 

I have made four of these from hot pads bought at Ikea and at the moment I have made another three from a very thick fabric that I have used for a bag but which is really too thick for my sewing machine to combine with other fabrics. I made the bias binding myself, put hearts in contrasting colours on the little bags and used vintage buttons for closure and I think they look really great. I still have another few to make and after that there are at least two more projects.

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