Saturday, 7 June 2014

New commission and still sewing for my 'Open House'

I have my next commission waiting. This one falls under the heading 'design your own bag'! Pauline asked me if I could use the fabric of one of her favourite coats, which she no longer longer wears, and make it into a bag. She chose the same pattern as her previous bag and together we chose the fabrics to go with the red, so all I have to do now is make the drawing of the bag with the various fabrics at the right places. I'm looking forward to this but first of all I have to get on with finishing the projects for my 'Open House'.

These are the fabrics for Pauline's next bag: the red coat, light and dark grey faux suede and a beautiful grey thick satin fabric for the lining. 

Here some pictures of the small purses I am making at the moment. This size of purse is handy for all sorts of things like: sewing needles,

some small sewing necessaries,


shop cards, gift cards, credit cards,

or business cards.

Or a children's purse.

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