Saturday, 26 July 2014

Another commission finished

I put the last touches to Paula's latest commission. It was ready except for the metal parts, which I had  ran out of and had to order. I received them yesterday.

It is a Quattro bag with a bit of a twist. She want to be able to carry it across her body (safety, hands free) as well as using it as a shoulder bag and therefore she needed adjustable straps. She wanted the pocket at the front open at the top. On the original pattern this was closed at the top and could only be entered from both sides. I have used two magnetic fasteners so that she can still close it at the top. I have also put a beautiful zipper in in this bag that can be opened from both sides.

The front of the bag with the concealed pocket and the back with a zippered pocket. Of course there are also the two side pockets.

The concealed front pocket with magnet closure

The two-way zipper and the inside of the bag. There are no further slip pockets inside the bag but with a total of four pockets, all the space inside the bag can be used for all other necessary items.
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