Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bag for a wedding invitation

Liz wanted a bag to go with a wedding outfit.

The shape of the bag was decided upon very quickly: the small round black bag I had recently made would be the one. The colours for the bag were another matter altogether.

As we are living quite far apart, I could not show her the fabrics I had and she could not show me the outfit she bought  and we all know that the computer screens do not always give you the correct colours. In this case it was imperative that we got the colour combination right. I sent Liz by surface mail a sheet of paper with numbered scraps of fabrics. Some would be better for the bag, others for the centre rose.  I kept a copy of it so that after comparing the scraps of fabric with her outfit she only had to tell me which number she wanted for the bag and which for the rose.

And this is the result:

The full bag

The rose

Detail of the centre of the rose with faux pearls, shells and fired glass beads

The zipper pull with shells 

The lining

Two slip pockets

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