Friday, 25 July 2014


Margalie came around this week to pick up her little black bag with the rose  at the front. She had not seen it before. She loved it but the strap was a bit too short. I told her it would be no problem to make it longer. Which I did.

She also showed me a picture of a bag with a bow and asked if I could make her one. She wanted one with dots on it but I do not have fabric with dots. This morning it suddenly struck me that if she wanted dots she should have dots. I remembered how fabric, used for some national costumes near the town where I grew up in Holland, was printed by dipping the heads of nails into paint and stamp that onto the fabric. I thought it was worth trying, so I got my acrylic paint out and did some printing:

I hope she will like the bow when she comes to pick up the bag next week! She can easily exchange the rose for the bow whenever she has the outfit to go with it.
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