Tuesday, 1 July 2014

More orders and some young girls!

I am in the process of finishing the 4th commission after my 'Open House Shop' and yesterday I got another three commissions. I seem to be very busy this summer but I love it. Especially when I have to do something I have not yet done before.

Two lovely young girls came around last night and got all excited about what I am making.  I saw them growing up next door and had not seen them for a while and they suddenly looked all grown up and adult. When did that happen?

The younger of the two was really into bags and asked me if I could do a little round bag with a large flower on it, real girly and she liked the idea that nobody else would have one like that. The older girl wanted a completely different bag, more sporty, but in the first place she loved fabric flowers. She will bring the fabric and I promised to show her how to make fabric flowers, which are really very easy to make. I promised to make a little round black bag for the younger sister with an easy to exchange flower so that she can use the bag with different coloured outfits.
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