Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Quick change

I changed the straps of one of Paula's bags. The straps were not long enough to carry the bag cross body so she asked me if I could make them a bit longer.

As the straps were fastened to the body of the bag it took a bit of thinking and adjustment but I think I have made the right choice. I cut both straps and attached a fabric covered ring the same as the ones that were already on the bag. Luckily I had some fabric left to make a further length for the straps, attached them to the straps that were still attached to the other side of the bag, put on a strap adjuster on each strap and he presto, job done.

She also was not very happy with the magnetic fastener so I put two fabric covered buttons on the bag. One to the flap and one to the body of the bag, used a fabric loop to connect both and that was it!

Still with the 'old' straps but with the new closure

New attached fabric covered ring fastened with a rivet

The two new rings

The strap adjusterI 

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