Saturday, 13 September 2014

Back in Scotland

I have not been writing a lot lately due to our travelling. We are now back in the Scottish Borders and looking forward to the outcome of the referendum next week.

However, I have not been doing nothing. Sheila and I want the Presents Galore fair in Kelso ( to be a great success and have all sorts of ideas on how to make our stand really stand out. A backdrop for the table is in planning and can hopefully be finalised next week. I have sewn some bunting to hang on the  back of this backdrop, we have bought some fairy lights and baskets, so lots of things are going on.

I have also started another collection of bags which I also hope to finish next week. So you see, it is all going.
The bunting
The bags are sorted
Start of my next collection - the first 2 of 4 are nearly finished
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