Saturday, 9 May 2015

My first genuine (part) leather bag

It was easier than I expected, even on an old sewing machine! You just have to take is very, very easy and forget about pins!

The leather came from one of my sister's old 90's leather skirts. Beautifully soft leather. I have combined it with linen and cotton in a similar colour scheme. The bag has a Gladstone hinge frame as a closure and a front pocket which closes with a snap button. Inside there are 3 slip pockets, one large one and two smaller ones.
The flap with the snap button pushed back so that the bag can be pulled open
The hook for the adjustable strap
The covered, hinged, closure
View from the top
Open front pocket
Completely closed bag
Back view
Inside with one large slip pocket and two smaller ones
Bottom with 4 small feet

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