Monday, 13 July 2015

Two to choose from

One of my sister's old 90's leather skirts has been more than sufficient for already two bags and there is still leather left for some more, depending on the shape and what fabric I combine it with. As she needs another bag for work, lives in Holland and therefore always cycles to work, she obviously needs a bag that will stand the rain and is water repellent. I therefore waxed all the fabric of the saddlebag but only part of the Gladstone bag. That is why the checkered fabric on the saddle bag is a bit darker than the Gladstone bag.

Both bags have an adjustable strap so that she can carry it across her body. She now has two bags to choose from!

I found that leather is easy to sew as long as you iron interfacing on the back. It than slides very easily under the needle and can be treated like any other fabric. Of course this leather was was supple so it might be different with another sort of leather.

The front of the sale bag.  All fabric parts have been waxed, including the piping.
The flap, side and bottom are real leather.

The back with zippered pocket

One side with open snap button, which provides more space in the bag when needed.

The side with closed snap button which make the bag more elegant.

The front again with button closure

Both bags - the sale bag and the Gladstone bag

Both bags have leather sides and bottoms

The checkered fabric of the Gladstone bag is not waxed and hence is lighter in colour.

The front pocket of the Gladstone bag, as well as the flaps over it, are waxed.

Both bags. The metal closure frame of the Gladstone bag is covered in real leather.

Difficult decision - which one to choose!

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