Monday, 23 May 2016

Fait Main, Morimont

We had a glorious weekend. Fait Main was organised at Morimont by Joanna and A Little Market. And it was very well organised too, including the weather! The venue was supposed to go on until 6 PM and just before 6 PM a few drops of rain started to fall like a reminder of 'its time to start packing up'!

I did not do too badly and it was great fun. I shared the stall with Titi and her husband Antti of Titis Style, and the stall next to ours was Cathra's of Gorgeous goodies and unique upholstery. We were the english speaking corner in an otherwise very French fair, although Titi and her husband are Finnish. It's very funny when you start talking to people and when they find out you are not from the Alsace they ask 'and you come all the way from Holland or Finland?' and you answer that you are living in the Alsace, as a matter of fact, just around the corner.

It is interesting to meet new people, especially also when they come from your own country!

The day ended with a real surprise. After Alan and I packed the cars we realised we could not get out so we decided to have a drink in the restaurant. While having our drinks we were joined by the proprietress and two friends of hers, started some interesting conversations and in the end we were invited to join their evening meal! It was a lovely end to a glorious weekend!

Here are some of the pictures I took:

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