Our Yorkshire terriers

I found Tuppy barking at me and alternatively looking at me and under the table. Bending down I saw that Nessy was lying in the basket. One large basket was not good enough. All baskets are Tuppy's and she does not share! So I had to find another one for Nessy. Tuppy had a good snuff at it and decided that Nessy could have that one.  Now they can both sleep under my sewing table!

Hiding a large bone!

Some more pictures of Tuppy and Nessy quickly taken out to do their business while the sun is shining between bouts of heavy snowfalls. I had to put Nessy one of Tuppy's jerseys on because she seemed to be a bit cold.

It is funny to observe the two dogs. They are very good together and when I compare them, Tuppy is definitely the baby. I keep thinking that she might not even have been two when we got her two years ago. I have the suspicion that she may be 6 month younger than we were told at the time. She is still very playful. Nessy is definitely the older and wiser dog and all in all Tuppy accepts that.

When we first got Nessy, she did not want to eat and she was painfully thin, so we knew we had to feed her up. In the beginning I hand fed her and very quickly she started taking hard food, albeit small pieces, despite the fact that she has no teeth. I realised that she picked the bits up from the floor so I decided to put her food on the back of a chopping board and that works wonderfully! She frantically picks up even the bits that fall off the board. I still give her a bit more than she should have and she eats the lot. She has put on some weight and still needs a bit more.

I give Nessy her food first and Tuppy stands next to it waiting for bits to fall off and me to tell her 'no'. By that time Tuppy's food is also in her bowl and Nessy has realised that that is Tuppy's food and does not go near it.

Tuppy has always been a very fussy eater and at the moment she is going through a period of slimming again. She sniffs at her food and decides she will not eat it. However, she is fiercely protective of it. She hovers over it and when Nessy comes near it, she growls. When we're in the living room and Nessy goes to the kitchen when Tuppy's food is still on the floor, Tuppy runs after Nessy, growling, thinking Nessy is after her food! That is the time that I take it up and put it on the table so that Tuppy has no further reason to protect her food.

Tuppy also likes her dental chewing sticks which Nessy does not like. I think even if she still had teeth, she would not like them. Every afternoon Tuppy gets her dental chewing stick. She tells me when she wants it so there is no way I will forget to give it to her.

Eventually she will eat the stick but the main thing about this stick is that she hides it. Once she has hidden it, she wants me, or even more so Alan when he is around, to find the stick. She stand in front of us and barks and wants un to follow her. Normally it is quite visible and she stands in front of it daring us to pick it up barking and growling. If we do not react she puts it on the floor in front of us and can sit there for a long time, not moving and just staring at us. The moment we move, she attacks. I don't know if she would really bite but because of the noise she makes we do not want to try it out.

Anyway, now she also want to play this game with Nessy, but somehow they do not speak the same language. Nessy is not quite sure what Tuppy wants her to do, so it normally ends with a lot of barking and growing and normally Nessy ends up on top of Tuppy! At first we were frightened that Tuppy might bite Nessy and Nessy having no teeth would not be able to defend herself. However, we found out that Nessy can very well defend herself and Tuppy does not bite!

They also look very sweet when they are sunbathing side by side:

 Or inspect the garden in Zunzgen:


We are now the proud owners of two Yorkshire terriers!

Nessy came to us last week from the Basler Tierheim. We had to walk her first three times, then take her home for a trial period. She is nearly nine years old and has no teeth at all. This does not seem to bother her, though, she even eats the biscuits but she needs feeding up a bit more. She was painfully thin to start with but I think she put some weight on since we have had her. She does not seem to like eating out of a bowl, so I hand fed her to start with but I have now seen that she is quite comfortable eating from a board. While she eats, I have to keep Tuppy away from her which is not very difficult. Tuppy just stands there and watches

Tuppy, at the moment, is going through a period of not wanting to eat' again, but I think she has put onsome weight, so that's fine. However, when Nessy comes near her bowl, she growls and barks just to warn Nessy not to eat her food, even if she herself does not want it herself.

It is quite funny to observe how they are slowly getting to know each other. Nessy is smaller than Tuppy but that is no problem for her. If Tuppy does something she does not like, she lets Tuppy know this in no uncertain terms. There have been a few small incidents but they were over in seconds. If anything, Nessy is the alpha dog and all in all Tuppy accepts that.

Also, Nessy is far more courageous than Tuppy, who is frightened of the funniest things. Now Nessy leads and Tuppy follows. There is a bit more barking going on than before. Tuppy only used to bark when she wanted something. Nessy barks when Alan comes in from the garden or the cellar and of course when Nessy barks and runs to the door, Tuppy has to do the same but stays back and watches what Nessy does, because she is not quite sure what she is barking for!


Hm.....! I'm not quite sure. Too early in the morning

I will get off the white stuff.
Beautiful view towards the village but still snowing.
I'm going back!

Can I get through this door?
Or is this the right one?
Open the door, quick!

Tuppy's little game is to put her chewing stick on the floor next to Alan and to challenge him to pick it up! She keeps staring at him and as soon as he moves she flies at him. She can sit there for ages and even if we have forgotten the game and Alan moves, she jumps at him, growling!

Maybe we should stop this game because she sounds really vicious and I'm not even sure whether she would really have a go at him and bite him. I can pick her up, at least most of the time.

Sometimes she hides the stick in a corner and hovers over it, growling. If we take no notice, she will come to us and starts barking, i.e. saying 'come and get it'!

This morning I picked her up and gave her to Alan and here is the result. The stick is really too large for her but she will not let go.

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