Saturday, 6 December 2014


The fabric I used for this bag is Nympheus, of It is a 100% linen fabric and I combined it with bottle green faux suede. 

The first bag is a cross body bag, which still has to have the final touches like ironing. There is a zippered pocket at the back and inside there are 2 slip pockets. 

The second bag will be a larger shoulder bag with one strap. Because the fabric on both sides of the bag is so beautiful, I did not want to spoil it with outside zippers, pockets, etc., so that both sides can be used as the front. But, there will be two slip pockets and one large zippered pocket inside.

I have not yet made up my mind how to make the third bag but there definitely will be enough fabric for a third or even fourth bag left. The bag cannot be too small because the pattern would be lost on it. However, all models will be different.

1st bag, nearly finished.

2nd bag, the outside is well on its way.

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