Sunday, 30 August 2015

Very royal - purple and gold

I had to make a prototype for a commission and came up with this one! It is far too small for what I needed, so I will have to make another one (prototype). However, I do like the bag and the colour combination is very striking.

The purple is faux suede, the yellow for the pockets at the front and the stripe at the back are handwoven wool and the yellow lining is cotton. There are two pockets on the flap and there is a diagonally zippered pocket at the bag (right handed people). I have not put any pockets on the inside of the bag as the bag is not very large and the pockets on the front can easily hold your mobile phone and glasses or packet of tissues and the money can be kept in the zippered pocket at the back, so that the bag itself can be used for all the other stuff you want to carry around with you.

If you are looking for a smallish bag with enough space for all your essentials, than this is the bag for you. The size is: 30 x 20 x 9 cm without the top to which the strap is fastened. Have used vintage buttons for the front pockets and the flap closure.

The bag is for sale in my ETSY Shop:

Adjustable strap. Can be used as a shoulder bag or as a cross body bag.

Two front pockets which are closed by vintage buttons.

Yellow, cotton lining.

Vintage buttons on handwoven wool on the pockets

As well as a suede covered vintage button to close the flap.

Diagonal stripe of hand woven wool and zippered pocket for right-handed people.

Open flap

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