Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Presents Galore, Kelso

We had a good time at Presents Galore, in Kelso, yesterday and Monday evening.

Okay, I had some problems with the girl next to me, who thought that her wares were more important than mine and that therefore she should be able to spread out further but it did not take long for her to realise that she got it wrong, whereupon she changed the layout of her stand!

I did not sell as much as I hoped for but it was better than last year and Sheila and I decided that next year we will try a few craft fairs and see how that goes. Anyway it was fun meeting new people and I even got a commission from one of the stallholders who makes beautiful coats, jackets and scarves (

Last week, Alan suggested that the white fabric of the backdrop for our stand looked a bit amateurish and suggested to use a different colour. As I did not have sufficient fabric for this I decided to dye the fabric I was using and it turned out really well:

1st Year

2nd year

3rd year (this year). There are more bags on a rail on the righthand side!

The first year we sold most, even though we had no clue how to go about building a nice stand. We thought that making a nice layout on the table would do the trick and apparently it did! Last year was bad even though the stand looked much better. This year was just a bit better. Makes you wonder if less is more!?!

We decided that when we go to craft fairs next year, we will not take all the bags with us, but different bags to each event. I may just be that when there is too much choice, you cannot see the wood for the trees., and people get confused

Any other opinions? I would be happy to hear what other people think and what experiences they have!

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