Saturday, 12 December 2015

First bag since back in Ireland!

I have just finished my first bag since we're back in Ireland. It is a prototype and I will make some more with variations. It is difficult to get the colours right with the sort of weather we have at the moment and there is no way I could take pictures outside, but it is hot pink and the flap is made of Bernat Klein fabric. It will soon be for sale at my ETSY shop, where I am selling only my jewellery at the moment. All my bags are in Scotland - the car was full, so there was no way of bringing them to Ireland!

Part of the flap with a zipper attachment.

In the flap there are two pockets which are closed with a zip.

Large enough for smartphone and glasses!

The back is plain, no further pockets.

The inside is large. Large enough to contain a bag insert!

But there are pockets inside.

One large (width of the bag) and two slip pockets.

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