Thursday, 23 March 2017

Paper beads and silver plate

For the Easter Fair in the Lohnhof in Basel on March 25th, I have made a selection of paper bead necklaces. Normally I use 925 Sterling silver, but so as to have some cheaper items for sale as well, I have made a selection with silver plate. They turned out pretty well and if I can sell some of these I will make some more for the Mother's Day fair, which we will have in Basel on May 6th (Mother's Day there is always the second Sunday in May!).

I love making these beads. Once I have cut the paper and selected the colours I want, I can roll them while watching TV in the evening. After making the beads they get varnished twice to make them water resistant. And of course afterwards comes the most rewarding part - sorting out the colours that go together to make them into a necklace. Obviously no bead is the same, which makes them so interesting!

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