Sunday, 29 April 2018

My first batch of resin castings

it is true - it is a messy business. I was dripping resin all over the place so it was good that I was warned beforehand and had everything nicely covered.

And here are the first results:

The pendants on the top are not bad. However, the two at the bottom are useless. But I have learned something from this - don't put any glitter in to start with. Also with my next batch I will give myself more time to put anything into the resin. First a layer of resin - wait an hour or so and then put the objects in. I found out that there is no rush! 

The pearl looks good as does the glass paint that I dribbled in. Also the silver paper with gold on the other side looks quite good. 

I still have one problem - the back has not completely dried but as it is lower than the outside , I will still have to put a layer of resin on it and that may solve the problem!

I am quite thrilled with the whole process.

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