Saturday, 4 October 2014

Last bag for Kelso

After a brilliant September with lots of warm weather and sunshine, the weather broke yesterday. Where we walked yesterday morning over the stones of a dry burn bed, there is now a fast running river of water where Tuppy would drown if we tried to cross it!

I have finished my last bag for Presents Galore, next week Monday and Tuesday. I had to wait for a break in the weather to take some outside pictures and here they are:

Front with easy to close press studs
The back with a vertical zipper.
It never occurred to me that a vertical zipper would be useful until somebody told me that it is much easier to put your passport or wallet in this way when you carry a cross body bag. If the zipper is horizontal at the back (against your body), you have to somehow twist your arm to unzip the pocket. With a vertical zipper you only have to use one hand and you do not have to twist your arm. This made sense to me. However, you have to think of right- and left handed people. This bag is for the left handed!
Once again the front of the bag which has a strap adjuster.

Easy to close press stud. You can get your hand under the bottom part and press!

Unfortunately the picture does not show the true colour of the lining. It is a beautiful soft yellow with woven-in elephants and flowers.
There are two smaller inside slip pockets.

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