Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Presents Galore

Yesterday and today Sheila and I were at the Presents Galore fair, at Kelso.

Since last year we learned a lot about setting up proper craft fair stalls and our stall looked much better than last year when we thought that all we needed was just putting all the bags decoratively on the table and that was it (although even so, it did not look too bad last year - maybe just a bit unprofessional).

We made a backdrop for the stall out of drainage pipes covered with fabric, which took quite a lot of putting together the previous week and some more arguments yesterday morning in setting it up, but, in the end, it stood up proudly. I found the idea for this backdrop at Pinterest as well as the idea of hanging the necklaces from a naked lampshade. The bunting looked great on the backdrop as did the fairy lights although they cannot be seen on the pictures.

We also used two plastic boxes (used to transport some of our material in) with planks over the top covered by a nice tablecloth, at the back of the table, which made for more interesting exhibiting. Also the coat- and clothes stands made it easier to show off the bags.

On top of all that I had a banner made reading: Design your own bag - you design it, I make it, which brought me two (maybe three) commissions!

The stands for the bags and the baskets for the small items

The table, the backdrop and the banner.

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